12 Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021: Stride Rite, Robeez & More

If you’ve got a confident cruiser on your hands, it might be time to buy your baby’s first shoes. The best shoes for toddlers are ones that have soft soles, breathable material and room to move and grow. Read below to learn what to look for when you’re on the hunt for the best baby walking shoes, and get our brand and style recommendations for baby’s first pair. From brands like Robeez, Momo Baby and Stride Rite and retailers you love, we’ve rounded up the 12 best shoes for beginning walkers.


Watching your baby take her first steps is an exciting milestone for you and her. And now that she’s cruising, you may want to consider purchasing her first pair of baby walking shoes. Numerous types of infant shoes are on the market, but which ones are the best shoes for new walkers? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has developed recommendations to help you find the best shoes for babies learning to walk.


The AAP says children learn to walk by gripping their toes on the ground, and they don’t need arch support. So at home, it’s okay — and even preferred — to leave your child barefoot to promote natural foot development. Shoes to help baby walk aren’t really necessary — the best shoes for babies learning to walk are ones that allow their feet to move as naturally as possible as if they’re walking barefoot and serve as protection when surfaces are uneven, hot, cold or rocky.


The AAP gives three specific tips to follow when shopping for shoes for new walkers:

  1. Baby shoes should be lightweight and flexible to support natural foot movement.
  2. Baby shoes should be made of soft leather or mesh to allow your baby’s feet to breathe comfortably.
  3. Baby shoes should have rubber soles for traction to prevent slipping or sliding.


Based on these guidelines, here are 12 baby walking shoes you might consider for your tot’s first steps:




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