7 expert tips on how to get beautiful and elegant eyebrows in 2022

4. Consider the tip 

Brow pencils come in different shapes and sizes, and their tips will determine the kind of look you’re likely to create. “Micro fine tips are most suitable for creating fine, hair-like strokes and adding natural looking fullness in places. A diamond or triangular tip works well for shaping and filling in the whole brow,” advises Holmes. To get them right every time, opt for a self-sharpening tip, like the one featured in EyebrowQueen’s Brow Pro, £22.

5. Highlight

This is a well-known trick that is loved for its ability to bring dimension to the brow area, while giving an overall glow to the skin. Despite its popularity, there is some strategy involved. Holmes adds, “When it comes to highlighter, a little goes a long way. The best way to avoid going overboard is to opt for a matte highlighter underneath the brow in a slightly lighter shade than your skin tone. If you can’t find the perfect highlighter in your tone, use a fine powder eyeshadow for a subtle shine.”

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6. Try tint

Granted, spending a few minutes etching in your brows every morning isn’t for everyone. For those who prefer a low-maintenance approach, eyebrow tinting can be quite the godsend. This is a staple treatment in salons nationwide and enables hair to look darker, thicker, and more defined, without the need of make-up. Appointments can be 20-30 minutes long and the effects can last for up to three weeks. Blink Brow Bar London offer brilliant tinting services, for £18. 

It’s a good idea to tint your brows (especially if you have light-medium brow hairs which can’t easily be detected) if you’re about to embark on any hair removal plans. “Brow tinting before any hair removal allows you to see what you’re really working with before shaping, it also gives you an effortless brow look for weeks,” she says. 

7. Monitor your diet

As with many things, the road to great brows starts with what’s happening on the inside. A diet rich in nutrients like biotin will help with healthy hair growth, so include foods such as eggs, fish, vegetables, and avocados where possible. Pay attention to keratin too, the structural protein provides the building blocks for strong hair and Holmes points out that in order to support keratin production “a protein-filled diet is necessary for the maintenance and regeneration of hair follicles.”

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