BEST Indestructible (Chew Proof) Dog Beds [2021]: 14+ Tested

How to Choose an Indestructible Dog Bed

Owners of power-chewing dogs know the struggle. After the first suspenseful few seconds that it took you to realize what the stuffing was, you realize your dog ate his bed- again! While exercise, mental stimulation and playtime is important to keep your dog from indulging in destructive behaviors, the reality is that some dogs just love chewing, digging and gnawing, even on their favorite things. We’ve looked at what’s on the market for these chew-happy dogs and reviewed our favorites.

Even if your dog doesn’t chew on beds for fun, some dogs just like to dig, ruffle, or claw at their bed as they settle in for a nap. This “nesting” is a natural behavior but it can be hard on a bed. Depending on how destructive your dog is, you may want to go as industrial strength as the aircraft-grade aluminum and ballistic nylon Kuranda Dog Bed, or maybe just a sturdier tougher bed such as the Tough Chew by Orvis bed may suffice. Consider if your dog needs orthopedic support when sleeping at night. You may need to purchase an indestructible dog bed cover that could help you reinforce a dog bed that offers more support. Larger and elderly dogs generally need more support and a firmer bed.

We’ve narrowed our reviews into several categories for indestructible dog beds:

Cot-Style Bed: Off the ground with a raised fabric surface to keep the dog off the ground.

  • These are what you’ll often find in boarding facilities or veterinary clinics because they are meant to hold up to a lot of abuse.
  • Not always the most comfortable, they do not yield to nesting dogs wanting to rearrange it.
  • Typically made from metal, PVC, and nylon

Reinforced Pillow Style Bed: A tough outer material, stuffed with filling, a mat, or a layer of foam.

  • Outer layer made from rip-stop nylon or similar material
  • Can go flat over time
  • Not all beds will have a washable outer layer but most do. The inside of these beds can harbor allergens and dirt and cannot be washed.
  • Much softer than the cot style.

Bolster Style Bed: Similar to the pillow bed, but with raised edges or a nest-style

  • Most dogs love the security of a bolster and will snuggle up against the walls
  • More surfaces, seams, and edges for the dog to chew on
  • Not all beds will have a washable outer layer but most do. The inside of these beds can harbor allergens and dirt and cannot be washed.
  • Most comfortable and soothing for most dogs

Reinforced pillow and bolster-style dog beds often have removable covers (with zipper closure), square edges, decorative edging, and other weak points in their construction.

Your dog should be able to comfortably sprawl out on the dog bed. A lot of dogs will initially fall asleep curled up in a ball but like humans, and then splay their legs out when deeply asleep. Be sure the bed is big enough to accommodate your dog in all his favorite sleep positions. If you have dogs that like to curl up together consider getting a big enough bed for both to have a little wiggle room in together. Measure your dog from his head to the bottom of his bottom leg when extended. This should be the depth of the bed, and the width should be a few inches bigger than his length (snout to base of tail).


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