Cell Phone Accessories at Office Depot OfficeMax

Cell phone accessories give you a variety of options to dress up your phone with a fashionable case, get a backup charger or find ways to protect a cell phone from damage. These accessories help keep a phone functioning at optimum performance and add a personal touch to the phone’s appearance. Browse through our entire selection of phones and accessories, including BlackBerry® accessories, to find the accessories you need.

Cell Phone Cases and Covers

Protect a smartphone and give it a exciting new look with a cell phone case or cover. Durable materials protect phones from damage caused by impacts and falls, and the design of a case can make the phone easier to grip, all while maintaining the accessibility of ports for headphones and chargers. Use cases and covers to extend the life of your phone.

Chargers and Adapters

Power up a smartphone, whether you’re at home, at the office or in the car. Chargers and adapters help keep a smartphone running smoothly and help ensure that every call and message is received.

iPhone® Accessories

Accessories specific to the iPhone maximize its capabilities. Charge and sync cables allow for powering up and transferring music and other files from an iPhone to a computer and vice versa. Docking stations and wall chargers keep the iPhone running.

Cell Phone Surface and Screen Protectors

Cell phone surface and screen protectors keep a smartphone’s screen clear and functioning properly. Protect your smartphone from scratches, fingerprints, dust and dirt by applying a thin, clear layer of protection.

Bluetooth®/Cell Phone Headsets

For safe, hands-free calling, Bluetooth and cell phone headsets make it easy to take calls while traveling. Bluetooth headsets sync up with Bluetooth-enabled devices easily and without wires.


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