If I Could Only Use Amazon Beauty Finds for the Rest of My Life, It’d Be These

I’m not sure if Amazon’s infinite array of beauty and wellness products is a blessing or a curse, but the site has become one of my all-time favorite stops when I have an expansive shopping list—drugstore finds, premium finds, and everything in between. I mean, in what other universe other than galaxy Amazon can you snap up your beauty supplement routine, seasonal fashion staples, and summer skincare regimen all in one tab? Suffice to say, over the years I’ve developed an Amazon-centric arsenal of beauty items I’m in a completely monogamous relationship with. And, if the brands so blessedly allow it, I plan to use them until the end of time. Does anyone else’s anxiety start to kick in when you start to think about what would happen if your holy-grail beauty staples went away forever? Just me?

Of course, Amazon is available for our shopping needs 24/7, but its annual Prime Day event only rolls around once a year, and—deep breath—it’s finally upon us. Most of the Amazon beauty products I love most in life are taking part in the deals in some way or another, so if you’ve found yourself in need of a product revamp, look no further. Just do yourself a favor by grabbing them today or tomorrow since Prime Day is making its brief appearance from 12 a.m. PDT Monday, June 21 to 11:59 p.m. PDT Tuesday, June 22. Happy shopping!


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