Say Goodbye to That Itch You Can’t Reach Thanks to These Back Scratchers

From time to time, everyone gets annoying back itches that fall right where you can’t reach them. You know the ones we mean. They make you twist yourself into all kinds of shapes, trying to allow your arms to bend in a fashion that’s just not physically possible. Or you try the ‘bear method’ of backing yourself up against something and moving yourself up and down in a blanket-style attempt at dealing with the culprit itch. If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to invest in a made-for-purpose back scratcher.

By extending the reach of your arms, back scratchers provide relief in a matter of seconds. Plus, many of the devices available also deliver additional benefits, including massage-like pressure which can improve local blood flow, exfoliate your skin and generally deliver an experience which is calming and de-stressing. These back scratchers are really a win all around.

To help you rid yourself of those annoying itches with ease, we’ve put together a list of the 11 best back scratchers available right now. Each option will get the job done, so you can’t go wrong. However, some feature amusing designs, handy massage elements or collapsible capabilities for maximum portability. Whatever your needs, check out these 11 handy options and find the right choice for you.

1. Flanker-L Extendable Back Scratcher

When extended, this scratcher measures an impressive 27 inches long, delivering plenty of reach for even the tallest users. The tough, stainless steel build gives the scratcher a durable quality, while the anti-slip rubber handle keeps you comfortable and in control during use.

Pros: The telescopic abilities of the Flaker-L Back Scratcher make it convenient to take with you wherever you go.

Cons: The limited head space on the scratcher mean it may take more time to locate and relieve your itches.

best back scratchers flank Image courtesy of Amazon

2. WOVTE Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher

The WOVTE Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher is an attractive device which is available in a choice of red, black or blue. It sports a unique, claw-like design which helps to get rid of itches faster than your average scratcher. Plus, the scratcher sports a rubber grip for comfort and security during use as well as a stainless steel extendable pole which makes this a good option for those after a portable option.

Pros: The claw-like design of this back scratcher is faster at relieving itches than the average back scratcher.

Cons: The plastic construction is less durable than others on our list.

best back scratchers wovte Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Bearback Back Scratcher

Looking for a slightly different take on the traditional back scratcher? The Bear back may be the tool for you. Instead of teeth, this scratcher’s head sports a number of oversized bristles to provide a comprehensive yet comfortable way to deal with scratches. Working the brush all over your body, in addition to your back, delivers a pleasant sensation which benefits your skin through exfoliation and improved circulation.

Pros: The oversized bristles of the Bearback Back Scratcher offer a comprehensive yet comfortable experience.

Cons: The bulky construction is more difficult to store than others on our list.

best back scratchers bearback Image courtesy of Amazon

4. COMBOO Long Back Scratcher

The COMBOO Long Back Scratcher is the multi-tool answer to ridding yourself of those annoying back scratches. On one end, you’ll find a traditional back scratcher which is shaped like a small hand with five fingers ready to scratch your back. On the other, there are four rolling wheels which can be used to deliver an enjoyable body massage. This combo stick is constructed from a tough and durable plastic which is available in two colors and finished with a wood-like appearance.

Pros: This back scratcher can also be used as a massager thanks to the included rolling wheels.

Cons: Because each end of this scratcher has a tool on it, there is not a comfortable handle to hold onto.

best back scratchers massager combo Image courtesy of Amazon

5. BambooWorx Body Relaxation Massager Set

Inside this BambooWorx Body Relaxation Massager Set, you’ll find four different tools for scratching and massaging your back. Each of the four tools is made from 100% bamboo wood and has a handy hanging loop for easy storage. The kit includes a thin massager, a ball massager, a rolling wheel massager and a standard style scratcher. The set is presented in an attractive box, making it a great gift option for friends and family.

Pros: This set includes four distinct tools that can be used for a variety of back itches.

Cons: You may need more than one tool from this set to complete the back scratching you require.

best back scratchers bamboo set Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Maple Landmark Owl Back Scratcher

Put a smile on someone’s face today by giving them this back scratcher. The Maple Landmark Owl Back Scratcher includes a taloned owl on one end to do the scratching, as well as the words, “Owl I want is a backscratch,” written across the 17.5-inch handle. The device is made from beautiful hardwood and shined up thanks to a plant-based finish. As an added bonus, this back scratcher is made in the USA.

Pros: This made-in-the-USA back scratcher includes a taloned owl on one end as well as a witty saying, making it a great anytime gift for someone you care about.

Cons: The scratcher on the end of this wooden device is set vertically instead of horizontally, so some users may find it more difficult to use than a traditional back scratcher.

best back scratchers maple landmark owl Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Attom Tech Health Padauk Wood Back Massager

If you’re looking for a back scratcher that’s as beautiful as it is functional, consider the Padauk Wood Back Massager. This elegant device is made from Chinese rosewood and finished with a natural oil. Thanks to its sturdy construction, it will last for years of back scratches. The wood scratcher itself has been hand crafted and sanded to fit the curve of your hand. Because of this hands-on approach to manufacturing, each one of these scratchers is different from each other.

Pros: This premium back scratcher is made from a durable rosewood and finished with a dark, natural oil to create a product that’s both functional and elegant.

Cons: The 16 inch length of this back scratcher means that it’s shorter than some of the other devices on this list.

best back scratchers attom tech health Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Cactus Back Scratcher Travel Size

Sometimes a stick-like back scratcher doesn’t quite do the job, especially if you need something you can easily carry with you. That’s where the Cactus Back Scratcher comes in. This travel-size device holds its scratcher, which boasts both aggressive and moderate spikes, on a malleable rope between two power grip ball handles. Thanks to this design, this scratcher can help you reach any itch across your body, and you don’t even have to reach backward or over your shoulder to do so. Finally, this scratcher is available in five different colors, from blue to yellow, to fit your personality.

Pros: This back scratcher does away with the traditional stick-like design in favor of a more flexible, rope-like option that is much more comfortable to use.

Cons: While the design is certainly inventive, it does require two hands for use whereas most back scratchers only necessitate the use of one hand.

best back scratchers cactus travel Image courtesy of Amazon

9. Kinsman Enterprises Reach N Scratch Plastic Finger

For some, reaching a stick over their shoulder to scratch their back is an impossibility due to shoulder injuries, arm weakness or other debilitating diseases. Such people will enjoy using the Kinsman Enterprises Reach N Scratch Plastic Finger. This back scratcher boasts a long, 24-inch handle that bends, so that the user can reach every inch of their back without painful arm movements. Plus, the end of the scratcher features a molded plastic finger to make this scratcher feel like the real deal.

Pros: The bendable, 24-inch handle means this back scratcher is easy to use with minimal arm movement.

Cons: The fact that the handle is bendable often means you won’t enjoy the same pressure on your back itch when using this scratcher.

best back scratchers kinsmen enterprises Image courtesy of Amazon

10. Reach That Itch Folding Back Scratcher

While most back scratchers are light enough to travel with you everywhere, they tend to be awkward in shape. The Reach That Itch Folding Back Scratcher solves that issue by folding into thirds. It’s made from high-impact ABS plastic, so it won’t bend or twist away during use and can withstand up to five pounds of pressure. This device extends to 18 inches long to reach across your entire back and comes with its own travel pouch. Take it on holiday, keep it at the office or stow it in your car for the sudden itches you simply can’t reach.

Pros: This back scratcher is unique in that it has an 18-inch handle yet folds down to approximately six inches, making it ultra portable.

Cons: The smaller-than-normal head may mean your itch is harder to scratch or takes longer to relieve than with other devices.

best back scratchers reach that itch folding Image courtesy of Amazon

11. The Bulldog Back Scratcher

Similar to a body brush, the Bulldog Back Scratcher is designed for use on bare skin. The head boasts sturdy nylon bristles across five inches for efficient and enjoyable itch relief. Additionally, this device features a 20-inch handle, which is one of the longest options on this list. Furthermore, this back scratcher is made with hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free materials. The company also tries its best to keep plastic packaging to a minimum and ensure users that everything it ships is 100% recyclable.

Pros: This back scratcher has one of the widest heads and longest handles available, meaning it can scratch your itches efficiently and enjoyably.

Cons: The long handle and wide head mean this brush is simply bigger than many others, so it might be harder to store around the house for occasional use.

best back scratchers the bulldog Image courtesy of Amazon


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