We do data cleaning from few hundred rows of data to millions of rows of data.

What We do and Why

Financial models, reports, and analysis are only as good as the clean data in Excel used. If you have incorrect, invalid, and inconsistent data, then valuations and decisions are in jeopardy. Data cleaning with Excel is a powerful tool because of its flexibility and extensive functions and formulas.

We can do job for one time or we can clean and format your data on a daily basis

Our Services

Project List We Successfully Finished

  • Cleaning and Formatting Address Data in An Excel
  • Data Cleaning and Database Analysis
  • Need Data Validation for Phone and Postals in UK
  • Verifying DB of About 1.4 Million Email Addresses
  • Database of 10000 Names to Be Checked, Updated & Validated
  • 50,000 Records Cleaned and Formatted for Import into System
  • 12,000 Records Email Address Cleaning
  • Clean & Enriched Data – Website, Address, Phone Numbers
  • Clean 10000 UK Phone and Postal Addresses

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